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Sahar Attitude was born from a story of friendship between Ali, Sophie and her family. Our wish is to introduce the region of the great Southern Morocco and Sahrawi hospitality to lovers of authentic travel, far from mass tourism. We are not a travel agency. Click here to read our charter.




I was born and I live with my family in Mhamid, the last village before the Sahara desert. Graduated in sociology, passionate about my region and the discovery of other cultures, I have been happy to accompany travelers from all over the world for many years in this desert that I cherish and that I know like the back of my hand. My wish is to make you live a unique experience in company of a professional team all natives of the region. I speak Arabic and English.



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Our family trip to southern Morocco in November 2022 enchanted us. For me in particular, it was a real revelation! Touched by the beauty of the desert and by the attitude of the Sahrawis, full of courtesy and serenity, I returned to Belgium overwhelmed and convinced that another world is possible. A world where silence replaces noise, a world where immediacy gives way to presence to others and to oneself. I want my friends to discover this treasure and build bridges between Western culture and the Maghreb.

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