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Sahar Attitude is a travel blog designed to promote exchanges between two different cultures, because we are convinced that it is in meeting the others and their differences that we will build a better world, a more united and more tolerant world.   


We are not a travel agency. Our goal is to share our love of southern Morocco and offer stays that invite us to take another look at our daily lives and our way of life, while helping the local population.  All the services offered by our team (guides, cooks, camel drivers, car drivers) are priced fairly in order to offer decent remuneration to the various service providers, all local. For the traveler, this is the guarantee of a fair price without any intermediary. 


We encourage people who travel to avoid any attitude that could upset the social, cultural and environmental balance of the country. Traveling in the Sahara region means discovering breathtaking landscapes but also meeting a very endearing, welcoming and generous population. Respecting it is the most important value for us.


Eventually, we hope to be able to create a travel agency and develop the project by adding a non-profit organization whose profits would be reinvested in local development projects and microcredits to the local population. Inchallah !

Click here for our terms and conditions.

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