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When to leave?


The climate in the Moroccan desert is characterized by very hot summers and mild winters.

Mid-season is the ideal time to go.From October to April, the climate is very mild, conducive to many activities, treks, hikes, camel rides, nights under the stars... The light is particularly beautiful, ranging from warm ocher to shimmering ochre!

In October and April,   the days are hot and the nights mild.

In November and March, the days and nights are mild. 
In December and February, the days are mild and the nights are cool.
In January, the days are cool and the nights cold.

During the very hot months (mid-May to mid-September), the only way to discover the desert is by 4x4. But you have to be able to withstand intense heat because the thermometer can reach peaks of up to 45 - 50 degrees! It is also the period of the winds, which means that some sandstorms could manifest.

The rains are extremely rare but they bring happiness to Sahrawis who know the value of water. These few rare rains allow the plants and even to grass to push. The desert flora is very intelligent: even when the plants are dead, their seeds stay alive during the dry months and germinate when the water returns.

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